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4204 N. Nebraska Ave. , Tampa, Florida 33603

Divorce, Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Homeowner’s Association, Wills, and Legal Ethical Defense Attorney in Tampa, Florida

Understand that you have legal rights and options

The advice and counsel of a lawyer who is experienced with the issues you are facing can give you the perspective you need to make even the toughest choices in legal matters.   Resolving your legal problem requires knowledge, skill and creativity.   I am an attorney dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.  Your satisfaction is my top priority.  It is my job is to make sure that everything gets done on time, on budget and with methodical attention to detail.

Many attorneys charge a low hourly rate, but invest an unnecessary number of hours in a given case.  I guarantee that I only charge for the time that is actually necessary to achieve the best possible result.  I am creative and innovative in my approach to my clients’ legal problems.  I am innovative in devising ways to settle a dispute when it is in my clients’ best interest to do so.  I can also advise you of the tax consequences of a proposed settlement.  I invite you to put my 31 years of settlement and trial experience to work for you when you call (813) 237-6359 or email me today.  The scope of my practice encompasses many types of cases, including but not limited to:

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