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Unfair Debt Collection Practices

Mr. Moore recently settled an unfair debt collection case that gave him particular satisfaction. The reason for Mr. Moore’s particular satisfaction were the folliwing:

The clients were long time clients, Mr. Moore having represented the Husband for various matters over the last twenty five years;
The clients were in a particularly grievous personal situation. The wife was extremely ill, and the parties were beset by severe financial problems;
The problem arose out of a gross overbilling and abusive billing practices by a nursing home. Mr. Moore has found that nursing homes, as a group, are particularly egregious in their mistreatment of people;

Mr. Moore had, as is his custom, had attempted to resolve the dispute by a very fair settlement offer with the nursing home. The nursing home responded with a very unfair response, and a very flippant attitude toward Mr. Moore’s clients’ rights and toward their obligations to be fair to their patients.

During the course of the negotiations the nursing home violated Mr. Moore’s clients’ rights in various ways. They sent inaccurate bills, and they contacted Mr. Moore’s clients directly, even though Mr. Moore had contacted them and informed them that he was representing the clients.

Despite Mr. Moore informing the nursing home of these defalcations they continued their flippant attitude, demanding an unfair payment, which prompted Mr. Moore to send the briefest letter of his career, the text of which was the following: “No”.

The final resolution of the claim required the nursing home to write off all the entirety of its balance against Mr. Moore’s clients, and pay Mr. Moore’s costs and attorney fees. Mr. Moore continues to develop his practice of protecting consumers from unfair debt collection practices.