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Personal injury

I understand that lost days of work, repair bills and outstanding medical expenses may leave you feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of your physical and financial limitations. My firm is here to support you through the difficult times following a physical disability caused by someone else’s negligent or wrongful conduct.  I will not add to your financial burden because I accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis — so you pay nothing unless and until you receive a settlement or money judgment.   When I accept your case, it demonstrates my faith in the merits of your claim.   I am an attorney who is not afraid to take on even the toughest opponents in cases involving auto accidents, truck wrecks, motorcycle collisions, defective products, unsafe premises and various other instances of negligent or wrongful conduct.   I work hard to get my clients compensated for injuries including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), spinal cord injuries (paraplegia, quadriplegia, tetraplegia), nerve damage, paralysis, brain damage, occupational injuries, toxic exposures, repetitive stress syndrome, birth injuries and wrongful death.   I look forward to putting my experience to work for you.

Personal Injury Law

Mr. Moore defeats Geico

Mr. Moore successfully represented two clients who had been sued by Geico Indemnity Company. Geico had paid out over $100,000.00 on a personal injury claim to a third party, and sought to sue two of Mr. Moore’s clients to recover that $100,000.00. Mr. Moore was completely successful and defeated Geico Insurance Company’s claim.

The case upon which Geico sued Mr. Moore’s clients was a complex one. Geico had actually paid the underlying personal injury claim twice. Mr. Moore noted that the Statute of Limitations should have begun to run from the first time that they paid the claim, and if that were so, then the Statute of Limitations should have run and Geico should lose. Mr. Moore conducted substantial research on the matter, including some research which was conducted online. Mr. Moore found pertinent case law on the webpage of the Law Offices of Neil E. Polster, P.A.. Mr. Moore had been personally acquainted with Mr. Polster for over thirty years, and so was able to consult with Mr. Polster regarding this very
specialized area of the law.

Although there was no case in Florida which was exactly identical to the facts of Mr. Moore’s case, Mr. Moore successfully argued to the Circuit Court that the Statute of Limitations had run and that Geico should
make no recovery against his clients. Geico’ s claim was Dismissed with Prejudice.

Geico Indemnity Company v. Melito, Circuit Court in and for Hillsborough County, Case No.
10 CA-13478