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Personal Injury Law

I retained Terence S. Moore to represent me in a contested divorce proceeding approximately a year ago. My life was in complete shambles at that time. I did not know which way to turn to resolve several issues pending in my life, such as in what city to reside, where to work, how to devise a plan for a future career, how to juggle timesharing with the children of my two relationships, and how to manage the child custody and financial issues in my divorce. My husband was determined to oppose me and did oppose me at every turn whenever I attempted to resolve issues with him and reach a tenable agreement on any of these issues.

Mr. Moore was extremely helpful from the very start of his representation of me. He counseled me on all of the issues I had pending and helped me come to an understanding of what would be the best way to resolve all of those issues. His advice was invaluable to me in determining how to go forward with my life. He helped me arrange a temporary timesharing arrangement that was consistent with the schedule of my other child and compatible with my living and working arrangements. He helped me arrange a temporary situation so that it was not necessary for us to go to a contested temporary hearing. He helped me summarize all of my financial information and counseled me in our mediation.

Ultimately, my husband remained uncooperative in all financial and timesharing issues. Mr. Moore prepared me for a contested non-jury trial. He represented me at the contested non-jury trial, did a superb job, and prevailed on all major issues.

I am very happy with Mr. Moore’s representation of me and highly recommend him to anyone who needs a top-notch attorney to represent them in a Dissolution of Marriage case.

Ashley R.

I recently retained Terence S. Moore for a civil matter. A merchant had treated me unfairly.

Our dealings with Mr. Moore were exemplary in every respect. The matter we retained him for was resolved completely satisfactorily. Mr. Moore analyzed the case and explained the case and his proposed strategy. He considered all the details of the transaction, proposed to us and then conveyed a powerful demand on the merchant. He then negotiated a resolution highly favorable to us. All of this was done efficiently and in a timely manner. Mr. Moore was worth every penny I paid him and then some. I highly recommend him as an attorney for any kind of case.


Terence S. Moore’s client slipped and fell on water in the bakery section of a Publix Supermarket. Terence S. Moore negotiated a prompt $57,000 settlement for his client without filing suit.

“Mr. Moore made a recovery against an abusive landlord. Landlord had entered premises and damaged tenant’s property. Mr. Moore obtained a full recovery of the value of property and made the landlord pay his attorney’s fees.”

Allegations against Mr. Moore’s client had resulted in the client being thrown out of his home and no visitation with his children. The allegations also resulted in a Domestic Violence Restraining Order. Mr. Moore presented this case to the Court and his client was awarded visitation/time-sharing with his children and is now, with Mr. Moore’s assistance, actively seeking 50/50 time-sharing/custody.

Mr. Moore successfully litigated a Felony Possession and Tampering with Evidence case. Mr. Moore’s client was arrested and charged with Felony Possession for having Xanax as well as Tampering with Evidence for eating the Xanax in his possession.

Mr. Moore was able to have all Charges Dismissed on the basis of his client’s ill health.

I recently retained Terence S. Moore to represent me in some complex commercial litigation. The matter required a commercial litigator with expertise in areas of Real Estate, Probate, Family law, and Environmental law. Mr. Moore applied a balanced strategy of vigorous litigation coupled with creative negotiation. The outcome of the matter was 100% successful. I highly recommend Terence S. Moore as an attorney for anyone with any type of complex dispute requiring prompt resolution.

Anthony Gonzalo

I recently retained Terence S. Moore to represent me in a series of inter-related proceedings involving Domestic Violence, Child Custody, and Guardianship issues, as well as a Dissolution of Marriage. Mr. Moore was very thorough in his preparation, astute in his strategy, and vigorous in the handling of all of these matters. I am highly satisfied with the quality of Mr. Moore’s representation and heartily recommend him to anyone seeking superior legal representation.

Bobbie Jo Carr

Like Father Like Son

Mr. Moore was particularly happy about a resolution of a personal injury case which he
resolved this month. Since Mr. Moore has been practicing for over thirty-one years, he is
particularly proud of the fact that he now represents people who are the children,
sometimes even the grandchildren of his former clients. In this instance, the client was
referred to Mr. Moore by his father, whom Mr. Moore has considered a good client and
good friend for almost fifteen years.

Unfortunately, because of financial hardship, the client had suffered a lapse in his
automobile insurance coverage. Therefore, when he had an accident, there were no PIP
benefits available to defray his medical bills. Consequently, the client had been rebuffed
by several doctors and clinics, who refused to treat him. He had even had an inquiry to
another lawyer result in that lawyer indicating that he could not help the client. When the
client was referred to Mr. Moore Mr. Moore determined that, while the case might be
more difficult because of the lapse in insurance, he was willing and able to make the
extra effort to achieve a favorable result for this client. The case was resolved and the
client was very happy with the settlement received, and the fact that Mr. Moore had
arranged to have all of his medical bills paid in full. At the conclusion of the matter the
client assured Mr. Moore that, like his father, he would be a lifelong client.

Mr. Moore defeats Geico

Mr. Moore successfully represented two clients who had been sued by Geico Indemnity Company. Geico had paid out over $100,000.00 on a personal injury claim to a third party, and sought to sue two of Mr. Moore’s clients to recover that $100,000.00. Mr. Moore was completely successful and defeated Geico Insurance Company’s claim.

The case upon which Geico sued Mr. Moore’s clients was a complex one. Geico had actually paid the underlying personal injury claim twice. Mr. Moore noted that the Statute of Limitations should have begun to run from the first time that they paid the claim, and if that were so, then the Statute of Limitations should have run and Geico should lose. Mr. Moore conducted substantial research on the matter, including some research which was conducted online. Mr. Moore found pertinent case law on the webpage ofthe Law Offices ofNeil E. Polster, P.A., https://www.floridasubrogation.com/questions.html. Mr. Moore had been personally acquainted with Mr. Polster for over thirty years, and so was able to consult with Mr. Polster regarding this very
specialized area of the law.

Although there was no case in Florida which was exactly identical to the facts of Mr. Moore’s case, Mr. Moore successfully argued to the Circuit Court that the Statute of Limitations had run and that Geico should make no recovery against his clients. Geico’ s claim was Dismissed with Prejudice.

Geico Indemnity Company v. Melito, Circuit Court in and for Hillsborough County, Case No.