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Commercial Law

$250,000.00 + Judgment on Contract/Property Case

Mr. Moore was called upon this year to conclude a legal case which another attorney had been litigating for over 8 years. Mr. Moore was brought in to take the matter to Trial and to obtain a favorable outcome. The case was a very complex one, involving Breach of a Contract to Purchase Real Property and Breach of the Warranty in the Warranty Deed. Mr. Moore’s clients had bought property, which property turned out to be landlocked, causing his clients to incur substantial damages. Proving the case required preparing and introducing into evidence twenty-six (26) exhibits, each of which had to be authenticated, and successfully entered into evidence, and soliciting highly detailed and technical testimony from several witnesses. Mr. Moore was able to enter all ofthe documents into evidence. Mr. Moore used an expert opinion to help prove the case and to prove the damages. Mr. Moore obtained a Judgment in the amount of $252,837.23, plus attorney fees and court costs.

In summary, a complex and difficult case which had been in dispute for over eight (8) years was promptly and successfully resolved as a result of Mr. Moore’s experience and acumen as a Trial attorney.

Smith v. First Financial Surveyors, Inc. v. Catherine C. Lowe, Case No. 03-12041 in the Circuit Court of Hillsborough County