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Consumer Credit Protection

I protect clients from overly zealous creditors.  Many creditors, in their overly aggressive attempts to collect debts, whether those debts be valid or not, engage in activities that violate the rights of the persons from whom they seek to collect.  Some of the actions they take, which violate the debtor’s rights, include failing to properly warn that they are collecting a debt, misrepresenting the amount of the debt, continuing to call persons whom they know are represented by lawyers, and calling so frequently that their contact constitutes harassment.  I represent individuals who are victimized by companies, and/or credit bureaus, overly aggressive behavior.  I take action to force the creditors to cease any illegal collection activity, and to force the creditors to pay damages to my clients.  I am frequently able to obtain compensation in an amount far more than the actual debt owed, even after payment of all attorney fees and costs.  If I find that there has been a violation of the Creditor Protection Statutes, I accept the cases on a contingency fee, and collect my fees from the creditor who is engaging in the illegal collection activity.