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Criminal Defense

If you are under investigation or placed under arrest, please say nothing more than “I want a lawyer.”  Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  As a suspect or a witness to a crime, you have a lot to lose in the upcoming interrogation.  Your reputation, your prospects and your liberty are on the line when you talk to police and prosecutors.  If placed under arrest, you could face fines, prison, probation or court-determined penalties.  Exercise your right to remain silent until an attorney appears.   I am prepared to defend felony and misdemeanor offenses including fraud, embezzlement, drug possession and distribution, conspiracy, theft, DUI/DWI, driving while license suspended, assault, battery, domestic violence and most other criminal charges.  When you retain my services, I will fight for you in the upcoming criminal prosecution.  I will advise you of your legal rights and options while navigating the prosecution’s case against you.

Mr. Moore was recently retained to defend the privacy of a client and her medical records. The Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office had attempted to obtain copies of the client’s medical records in order to prosecute her for doctor shopping or possession/trafficking in narcotics and/or pain pills. The State Attorney’s Office hadprepared a Subpoena for a various of the client’s previous medical records. Mr. Moore argued that the medical records should be protected pursuant to Florida Statute 395.3025(4)(d), as well as 45CFR 164.501, and the Case Law interpreting those Statutory Provisions. Mr. Moore succeeded in greatly limiting the scope of production of any medical records. As of several months after the issuance of original Subpoena, none of the client’s medical records had been successfully obtained by the State Attorney’s Office. Accordingly, the criminal investigation of Mr. Moore’s client has ground to a halt. (Citation of name and Case Number deleted to protect the privacy of Mr. Moore’s client)

Mr Moore recently represented a client who, along with several other individuals, was charged with Armed Robbery.  Through a combination of legal maneuverings Mr. Moore was able to get his client’s charge reduced to Petit Theft.  Everyone else continued to be charged with Robbery.  After the charge was reduced to Petit Theft Mr. Moore’s client was placed on a brief period of probation. The other co-defendants are either serving prison time or are still facing prison time for the Armed Robbery charge.


Terence Moore completed several Expungements this month. Several of these Expungements involved immediate Expungements because the underlying cases had been Nolle Prossed or Dismissed. The ten year waiting period for Expungement, after the Sealing of Records, was obviated because Mr. Moore obtained permission from the State Attorney’s Office for an immediate Expungement. Mr.Moore promptly obtained permission from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for an immediate Expungement of these cases. He then worked closely with the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court to make sure that the Orders and Courts Costs comlied precisely with the Clerk’s requirements. The Clerk is very punctilious about the wording of the Orders and the payment of the exact amount of Court costs in order to complete the Expungement. Mr. Moore then promptly had the Orders sent to the Judge for entry. Mr. Moor’s clients were not required to appear in Court in order to have these Expungements completed. All of the clients were thoroughly satisfied with the Expungements.